A Vision Friendly School

"What is a Visual Impairment?"

When one or more points of the eye or brain needed to process images becomes deceased or damaged, severe  or total loss of vision can occur. This cannot be fully restored by medical treatment, glasses, lenses or surgery.
Our Vision Friendly School Aims
  • To have a inclusive and multi-sensory curriculum, individual to each child's needs.
  • To make Beckfoot Phoenix Special School's environment more accessible for our vision impaired pupils.
  • Good quality lighting without glare.
  • Lights to be checked regularly and replaced immediately when necessary.
  • Surfaces are painted in matt to avoid glare.
  • Walls are contrasted to floors.
  • Door frames are highlighted in contrasting colours to the walls.
  • Door handles are contrasting to the doors.
  • Floors are plain with a non-glare surface.
Physical Access
  • Hand rails on both sides are colour contrasting to the walls.
  • Furniture has a matt finish and clearly contrasting with its surroundings.
  • Work is displayed on the notice boards at an appropriate height and mounted with with contrasting colours to the wall.
  • Bins and other protruding obstacles are clearly marked or put away to avoid clutter.
  • Clearly defined areas with good contrast.
  • Signage to be visually clear and in braille.


 Staff role

  • To share information of the pupil’s targets, learning outcomes, objectives and VI pen portraits, so that the staff are well informed and can work effectively with the pupil.
  • To write observations to record responses to learning and evidence of achievement.
  • To ensure staff have training with a VI specialist.