Active Me Week

At Beckfoot Phoenix, our children never stop! They are always moving and doing! 
Every week children learn about their body, movement, and games through the 'Gross Motor, Balance and Co-ordination' scheme within PE lessons, daily magic miles, soft play, rebound, swimming, hydrotherapy, playtime and physio.  
Active Me week is a special curriculum week each year when the whole school comes together to be active in different ways. 
First of all, children were excited because they could come to school in sports clothes all week! 
Then we had exciting activities happening through the week like ....
  • belly dancing 
  • climbing 
  • wheelchair dancing 
  • treasure trails
  • parachute games 
  • maypole dancing 
  • fun swims
  • sponsored walk
Key Stage 2 enjoyed an activity residential holiday where they tried archery and grass sledding and 
Year 6 took part in the Beckfoot Trust sports day and swimming gala with the other schools in the Trust. 
A very busy week thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!