Class Dojo

11th March 2019
CLASS DOJO at Beckfoot Phoenix Special School
At Beckfoot Phoenix, all of our news is on our class DOJO  app. 
It is important that you download the app so you can keep up to date with school events and news.  
If you need any help, please contact the school office.  
If you do not have access to the app, please let school know and we will send out a paper form of information for you. 
Why have we chosen to use the class DOJO app? 
  • We are saving our environment by not using paper. 
  • Messages are instant and remain on your app for you to refer back to.  
  • Information does not get lost in school bags! 
  • School and families can communicate together.  With permission, we can share photos, messages and videos with you, and you can do this with us as well. This is important because if we all work together, your child will achieve more. 
For more information about class DOJO, please contact the school office.