Our Curriculum

The curriculum at Beckfoot Phoenix has been written to meet the very specific needs  of our learners. 
Beckfoot Trust's vision for all of their schools is of 'A Curriculum for a 21st Generation' so that all of Beckfoot Trust learners are inspired to be:
  • Confident Communicators;
  • Knowledgeable and Expert Learners;
  • Committed Community Contributors;
  • Future Ready Young People. 

Following years of differentiation of the National Curriculum, adaptations and 'making do', we, at Beckfoot Phoenix are proud to have developed our own curriculum for our very special 21st Generation learners. 

A recent external review of our curriculum (May 2019) reported that our curriculum is 'innovative' and 'ambitious because it seeks to focus on the priority needs of the pupils and to maximise their independence and participation in wider life'. 

Our curriculum is developmental, meaningful and functional.   It is research based and includes the essential building blocks for learning that our children may have missed, such as  executive functioning skills ie. working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control, finger and hand dexterity and strength, and social and emotional development.   

Our curriculum runs throughout school from nursery to key stage 2 and incorporates all aspects of the Early Years curriculum as well as aspects of the National Curriculum that are appropriate to our children's lives.  It is planned by developmental stage rather than age, with children being grouped into Bases and classes accordingly.

Parents/Carers receive regular updates about what their child and their class are doing in lessons via the Class Dojo.  These include messages, photos and examples of work. 
Progress shown within the child's assessment file, and portfolio of assessments is shared with parents/carers at termly parent afternoons and EHCP meetings. 
It is great when families work with us to help their child to learn even more.  There are lots of ways that families can do this:
  • look on class Dojo to see what the class have been doing and do more of this at home. 
  • read at home.
  • read and count when out and about. 
  • complete any homework that the class has sent home.
  • take part in any activities that will help the progress made towards EHCP targets.
For more information, please read:
  • our curriculum rationale that explains our intent, implementation and impact - see attachment above.
  • our curriculum coverage document that shows the coverage across our 5 curriculum stages - see attachments below.