Early Years Curriculum

Our Curriculum in Early Years 



In the Foundation Stage Unit we deliver the Early Years Curriculum through the school's Core Curriculum covering all areas of the EYFS. 

In our Early Years department in Orange base, we encourage children to learn from every aspect of life around them. Children learn from the environment, the atmosphere, the routines and the activities and learning experiences presented to them. It is impossible to separate aspects of learning and development in very young children, but the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum within the Beckfoot School Curriculum helps us as educators, to track and plan for children’s next steps in learning and to ensure there is clear progression between early years and year 1. 

All teaching is delivered through practical activities and structured play. Parents are closely involved and are asked to inform staff about their child’s interests. The children are regularly assessed to monitor their progress and to enable accurate plans to be made for future teaching and learning.

The Early Years department follows the same whole school learning journey themes as the whole school which are then personalised to meet the needs of the young children in Orange base.

We send a letter home at the beginning of each term letting you know what we shall be focusing our leaning on and what things you can do at home to support this. 

Gemma Wilson - Early Years Lead