Head's Blog

7th February 2020
Dear All

Safe Week has been a great hit with everyone!

We've had firemen and fire women, police men and police ladies. We've had children learning to cross roads as well as children learning to walk on the pavement and not go on the road! We've had the NSPCC in talking to us, and done lots of things in classes like painting with fire-red spaghetti, learning how to call 999, as well as the older classes learning about cigarettes and drugs!

The children seem to have really enjoyed it - we've definitely packed it in!

We work really hard to keep children safe, and it is great that in the parent survey, the vast majority of you agree. 2 of you said that your child does not feel safe at school - if you come and have a chat, we can see what we can do to help.

Next week we have our showcase assembly on Wednesday at 1. 45. If you want to see what we've been doing this week, it would be lovely to see you. Please reserve your free ticket using the message from Jason below.

We break up on Friday 14th for half term.

Have a lovely weekend
Rachel :)