Head's Blog

10th January 2020
Happy New Year!

We were so happy to see the children arrive in school on Monday - and all but one seemed glad to be here!

When I asked in assembly if each child had had a nice holiday - all of them said yes apart from Oliver who said ‘Rachel - I haven’t had a nice Christmas! When I asked him why - he said proudly - 'I didn’t have a nice Christmas because I missed school!’ - awwww!

In assembly, we also introduced a new idea into school - ‘Junior Leaders’. Junior leaders can be anyone who is doing a job in school or is helping others. The criteria is that whilst they are doing their job, they have to be sensible, helpful and kind, and if they can do this, they can wear our special Junior Leader jacket! They were also told that when they were Junior Leaders, they were VERY important! In assembly they rose to the challenge - Junior Leaders gave things out, helped others and tidied up! Some managed to be sensible, helpful and kind for a short while before they couldn’t keep it up and had to resign from the post! For others, the special jackets transformed them into helpful angels! - watch this space!

This week we welcome 2 new friends into Blue Base - Lucas and Lucas! As well as Max and Sam into Orange Base. It is lovely that they’ve chosen Phoenix and I am pleased to say that they are already starting to settle in which is brilliant. We also welcome 2 new staff into Purple Base - Halima and Megan. They have also had a great week - it’s as if they’ve always been with us!

Enjoy the weekend

Rachel :)