Head's Blog

6th March 2020

This week in school we've had 8 'Where's Wallys', 7 Harry Potters, 1 Super Mario and his friend Luigi, 3 crocodiles, 2 police officers, 10 princesses, 1 surgeon, 1 BFG, 1 Horrid Henry (thank goodness only 1!) 2 Buzz Light Years! and many more wonderful costumes as part of our World Book day celebration on Wednesday.

Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to dress your child in a costume - the children LOVED it! and I think the staff did as well! - but they might not admit it!

This week, we have also been monitoring children and families arriving in a morning. As you will be aware if you bring your child to school, the reception in a morning is very overcrowded, which means that some children are not getting a good start to their day.

Can I please remind you that school arrival time is between 9 and 9. 15.

It has been suggested that we leave the doors locked in a morning until school opens at 9 - as other schools do - so that our reception area is clear for visitors and Merlin Top. It works well at the end of the day, and this may be the next step.

However, we don't really want to do this, as we want to be available if families need reception. So, for now, we would be grateful if you would arrive in school between 9 and 9. 15 - and not before. Please wait in your cars, or set off later so you arrive later rather than coming into school before 9. Thank you. Any problems, come and have a chat.

Just a reminder that parent afternoons are the week beginning the 16th March. If you haven't heard which afternoon your class are doing, please get in touch with the teacher.

Have a great weekend - hopefully the sun is going to shine ... at last!
Rachel :)