Head's Blog

18th October 2019
Dear All

Wow – what a week we’ve had - our first ever ‘Caring Me’ week has been fantastic! There has been a real buzz in school as we’ve had babies being bathed in class, groups playing games, singing and helping at old people’s homes, grandparent’s afternoon, recycling and litter picking, older classes working with younger classes, donkey grooming, and looking after our class pets.

We have also had blue base thinking their bearded dragon had died! Green base complaining that their tortoise doesn’t move! And Jason chasing a labradoodle round school to the shrieks and delights of children and staff – followed by a lie down and a cup of tea!

We cannot wait to show you everything we’ve done at our Showcase Assembly next Wednesday at 1. 30. We will also be giving our food hampers to the Salvation Army in this assembly, and some of the older people from the homes we visited this week might also be coming along. It would be lovely if you could come along too and join in the fun – but please let us know through DOJO that you are coming so we can make sure we have enough chairs.

What else is happening?

Next Wednesday morning, we have school photos – please make sure your children come to school in uniform, and contact the office if you would like other siblings on your child’s photo.

Don’t forget that next Friday is a training day for staff, so because Thursday is the last day before we break up for half term, Thursday will be our children’s dress down day. This is a day that children can pay money to wear non uniform in aid of our outdoor play fund. Some pay £1 – some pay a lot more. Please pay what you can afford. The only thing we ask is that the day is seen as a fundraiser, so if you would rather not contribute to our play fund, please make sure your child wears uniform on that day.

Have a lovely weekend.
Hope you see you all next week.
Rachel :)