Head's Blog

6th September 2019
Hi - hope you all had a great first week back at school. It was lovely to see you all. I know getting up early was hard for some children - and staff! but hopefully, everyone is now back in the routine, and raring to go!

Last week was a fantastic week in school - it was like we'd never been away! The new children settled in straight away - I am so pleased that they have chosen to come to Phoenix - they are going to do so well. It is such a privilege to be a part of their journey!

The new staff have also settled in! - it's as if they have been here forever. I am so pleased to welcome Leesa in Orange base; Terrain in Red base; Carla and Lauren in Blue base; and Lee and Sarah in Green base. Together with Anny - the new teacher in Blue base, these staff are going to bring so much to our school.

This year, in school - we have loads planned! andwe are excited to be focusing on the Four 'C's:
* Communication
* Common language
* Consistency
* Curriculum

I will explain more about these over the next few weeks.

In the week beginning 23rd September, there will be a chance for you to come into class to see your child in class and to talk to the staff. Teachers will be letting you know the date next week.
And then on Thursday 26th September, we will be holding a parents coffee morning where I will be explaining our new curriculum over coffee and cake!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Hope you have all enjoyed the weekend
See you in the morning
Rachel (Head teacher)