Head's Blog

31st January 2020
Dear All

Wow - what a week this has been! This week, we put the proverbial cat well and truly amongst the attendance pigeon - and we had fur and feathers flying everywhere! But ... this is what’s great about our school - everybody has a voice - from the parents who want their child's attendance celebrated to the parents who feel that it’s not fair on some of our more poorly children, to the child who argued that his medal wasn’t the right colour because he comes to school more than that, to another child who said it’s not fair because ‘it's my mum who tells me when to stay at home!’
We don’t always get it right but we do always try to listen.

Some really good news is that after our shaky start, we ended up finishing top of the Trust for the number of parent survey returns with over 75%! Thank you so much. You are truly amazing, and so were the results, - 98% of parents said that their child is happy in school. 100% would recommend Phoenix to another parent.

Surveys are not just about the good, but also about learning about where we could improve further. It would be great to hear from the parent or parents of whose child is unhappy so that we can talk together to see what we can do to help.

I will send more survey results next week.

A reminder that next week is our 'Safe me' week and we have our showcase assembly at 1. 45 on Tuesday 11th Feb.
Half term break up is Friday 14th February.

Have a great weekend