Head's Blog

19th July 2019
Dear All 
This week, we had our first ever year 6 leaver's prom - it was AMAZING. Nearly everything was donated from very kind Keighley companies - a stretch hummer from Ultimate Limousines, paper plates, plastic glasses and serviettes from Sainsbury's, 50 helium balloons from Morrisons, a red carpet from Springfield carpets, mocktails and staff who came to make them from Moghuls, a cake from Cakeole, buttonholes from Rachel Pickering Florist in Riddlesden, and DJ Tim who entertained us. Tahlia's godmother came to do everyone's hair, Saqib's family made a cake aswell, and Robert and Jason donated hot dogs.

Thank you so much to Tahlia's dad for contacting all the companies, and for Irene who co-ordinated everything and organised it.

The prom was brilliant and I could highly recommend all the companies and people who helped us out this year. They are all stars! Thank you so much. We couldn't have done it without you!
Rachel :)