Learning Resources

Resources to help the child’s vision and encourage them to learn


  • Positive looking Story Buckets, which you can borrow from Sharyn.
  • Brightly coloured block material that surrounds a child with a visual impairment will help to stimulate the child’s vision. (Watch how the children react).
  • Lighted flashing toys this will help to stimulate their visual awareness and attention.
  • Musical flashing toys this will help to locate the object by hearing it first then to help them to locate it.
  • Actual objects that help to stimulate the child’s senses. E.g. A yellow banana, red strawberry, green grass, an orange.
  • Objects and toys that are familiar to the child.
  • Uncluttered books with simple brightly coloured pictures, with no writing.
  • Anything that encourages pre-braille skills E.g. Playdough, threading beads, building blocks, paints and paint brushes, zips and buttons, squeezable toys, bubble wrap and paper.
  • Textured toys.