Head's Blog

29th November 2019

It has been lovely this week that Tiny Pixels came out again to re-take photos of children who either were not here or did not 'perform' on the first photo shoot. We have never had this opportunity before, and as you know our lovely children don't always do what we want them to do first time! - so it was lovely to be able to take more photos.

We have also had the dentist come into school to screen children's teeth this week. As I stood watching them through the window as they chased children round the room, or played games with them so they would open their mouths, I did wonder if they ever trained for this! They and the children were brilliant - and it looked so much fun!

Today was the meeting of our Local School Committee - a group of parents, directors from the Trust and staff who meet each term to talk about what makes our school special ie. the children, the parents, the staff and the community. This group is an important part of our school, and we cannot thank Sue and Sam enough for their contributions over the years, as well as Janine and Denise who have recently resigned. Today we welcomed our new members - Faith, Farah and Lisa.

If you hadn't realised it already - December will soon be here. Please don't forget to order your tickets for the Christmas concert, sell your raffle tickets and send things in for the Christmas fair on the 4th December.

Remember Friday is a training day so school is closed to children.
Enjoy the weekend

Rachel :)