Head's Blog

25th October 2019
Dear All

What a great training day the staff have had today - there have been lots of courses going on at the different special schools across the district. Today, staff have learnt about behaviour, mental health, autism, visual support and working with less able children meaning that they will have fresh ideas and skills for working with children in class.

This week, we had our very first 'Caring Me' Assembly. Thank you to everyone who came. It was lovely to see you all, and your children did you proud! For those of you who didn’t manage to come, orange base sang about their hamster, yellow base acted out bathing babies (with a scourer - because they couldn't find a sponge!) red base did their own version of the Great British Bake Off, purple base showed us what they did at the care home, blue base went recycling and green base rapped about their pet tortoise! Everyone tried so hard and it was a great afternoon with loads of fun.

As you know, we have now finished for the October half term and stay and play will be running through the holiday on Monday and Wednesday.

We return to school on Monday November 4th, and on Wednesday 6th at 1.30, we will be celebrating the life of our friend Abdullah who sadly passed away earlier this term. I know that on these occasions, the family values any support from other parents who can attend. If you would like to support the family please let us know how many seats you will need and it would be great if you could wear something WHITE.

Have a fab week - homework for the week - playing conkers, kicking leaves and splashing in puddles!

See you on the 4th.
Rachel :)