Pupil Voice

Your voices are really important to us!  This is your School.

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When you put it in the box - your pupil advocate
Jason will tell Rachel – the head teacher

This is what you have told us and this is what we have done about it.


Soft Play, lego and toys make you happy.

  • We have made sure that you can do these in your reward sessions.  We have bought more lego.

Swimming makes you happy.

  • We have hired more pools at the Sports Centre so more of you can swim.

Standing in your standing frame makes you sad.

  • We want you to stay healthy and part of this is stretching your body.  We need you to stand in your stander each day, but to try and make it more enjoyable, we have bought frames that we can put round your stander so you can play whilst you stand. 

Not having dinosaurs and Sonic the Hedgehog in school makes me sad.

  • There are lots of things you can do with dinosaurs and Sonic – you can count them, talk about size and colour, write about them and play with them. Rachel agreed that if these are what you like, and these make you happy in school so will help you to learn more, then we will buy some using something called ‘Pupil Premium’. 

 When I am in my gait trainer it makes me happy.

  • Rachel has spoken to your teacher about how if you are happy, you will learn more.  Your teacher has said that you can do more of your lessons in your gait trainer.

In blue base, it makes me cross when people don’t take turns.

  • Sometimes it is hard for children to understand about taking turns.  In lessons, your teacher is going to be teaching your class about this so that when you are playing games, you feel happier.