Pupil Voice - Do you like Wonderful Wednesday Clubs?

We wanted to know what the children thought about the Wonderful Wednesday Clubs.  
Children filled in a pictorial questionnaire telling us what they liked and didn't like.  
Children told us that you liked the bouncy castle, and some liked the lego club, but some of your didn't.  They all liked 'fun' things like when we do the whole school parades and they all liked the cooking sessions.  
What we will do. 
  • carry on with the cooking sessions. 
  • have more whole school parades so that everyone can see what you do - we will have workshops to make things that you can play, wave or carry in the parades.  We will also have a parade when we have a dressing up day like World Book Day. 
  • put another activity on with lego club so everyone can do something they enjoy
  • introduce a fun swim, so that there are other fun things to do as well as the bouncy castle.