School Prospectus

Information for Parents, Carers, Families and Friends

Beckfoot Phoenix is a  primary special school and nursery for 102 children with severe and complex learning and medical needs. It is co-located with Merlin Top Primary Academy.


Most pupils who come to Beckfoot Phoenix have an Education, Health and Care Plan. A few children come on an assessment place.  See Admissions for more information 

Age range: 2 – 11 years old.                          School hours: 9. 00 a.m – 3. 00 p.m.

Lunch: 30 minutes between 11. 30 and 12. 30 depending on class. 

Beckfoot Phoenix School is proud to be a healthy school. Pupils can either bring packed lunches or have a hot meal from our excellent catering service where nutritional meals are prepared on site. Enquiries about school meals can be made at the school office.


School Uniform

School uniform is an important way of developing a sense of belonging within school.

Our navy school uniform with the school's logo can be purchased online at where the school gets 5% back to school,  as well as from Andrew Firths shop in Keighley.   If families prefer, they can also buy uniform without the emblem from other outlets.

Pupils are expected to wear black/grey trousers/skirt/blue dress,  white polo shirt and a navy school jumper/cardigan/ hoody/fleece. 

For families in receipt of tax credits, please contact the school to see if you qualify for support with School Uniform.


It is important to your child’s learning and progress that your child attends school every day. If your child is ill however, please keep them at home until they are better. You must inform both the transport service and the school as soon as possible. If your child has vomited or has had diarrhea, your child should remain at home for 48 hours AFTER the last time they have been ill.

We understand that your child may need to attend appointments.  To help with this, we hold clinics in school, eg. orthotics, dietician, consultants so that your child can still attend school.  If you need to book an external appointment, we ask that you make it in the holidays or if that is not possible, please make sure that your child attends before and/or after the appointment.

If you require your child to be absent from school for other reasons, you will need written consent from the Head Teacher.  Please contact the office for information.  Please note: the Head Teacher cannot authorise leave for your child during term time unless it is exceptional circumstances. 

Illness/Accidents in School

Staff in school are qualified in first aid. Following illness/accident in school, staff will complete an accident form and send it home.  They will also endeavour to contact families to alert them. If this is not possible, action will be taken on advice of the first aid trained staff.

School Nurse

Beckfoot Phoenix has a school nurse – Caroline Kershaw – who liaises with families about any health issues. Families are invited to clinics in school. Please attend these so we can all work together to support your child with any health issues that may be affecting their education or may be affecting life at home.

Medical Advice

  • Advice and input from therapy teams and orthotic teams
  • Access from specialist services including visual impairment,hearing impairment, sleep clinics, behaviour support
  • Access and advice from the wheelchair service Input from the paediatrician and dietician
  • On-site clinics when appropriate.

Care Team (Medical)

Our care team works closely with our school nurse. The team is led by Tracy Young. All pupils with medical/care needs have a Health Care Plan. Staff carrying out any medical procedure have the relevant training.

All medicines coming into school must be clearly labelled by the dispensing chemist with your child’s name. They are stored securely in a locked cabinet.  ONLY PRESCRIBED MEDICINES CAN BE ACCEPTED BY SCHOOL. 

Class Groupings

All our pupils are taught in classes according to age and need. Our classes are linked to 6 Bases: Orange; Yellow; Purple; Red; Green and Blue.

Each base has a team of teachers and teaching assistants.

Staff are trained to accommodate a range of medical needs, e.g. gastrostomy feeding, administration of medication and medical interventions.

Staff are trained in Moving and Handling; Team Teach (behaviour); NARS (Pool training) and Rebound from accredited providers.

School Curriculum

See website section – Curriculum  

Work at Home

Although we understand that some children find it difficult to do school work at home, we like pupils to practise the skills they have learned in school in different situations.  Work at home will be explained by class staff where appropriate.  Please talk to your child’s class teacher if you would like more, or if your child is having difficulty with this.


Our School Rules: Be the Best you Can by:  Good Choosing; Good Listening; Good Talking

We believe that there are always reasons for a child behaving in a certain way. It is our job to work out the reasons and support your child to communicate that reason in a more appropriate way so that they can eventually manage that behaviour for themselves.

The school has 2 policies for behaviour (available on the website: Statutory information/Policies):  Behaviour policy; and Care and Control.  Staff at our school are trained in Team Teach which involves the use of reasonable force to control or restrain pupils to keep a child or others/property safe. Although parental consent is not required for the use of reasonable force, as a school, we would hope that wherever possible, it would be part of the child's behaviour for learning plan which would have been discussed and agreed by parents.  

We do not tolerate bullying of any kind. Pupils are taught about bullying including E-safety through assemblies, the curriculum, and on an individual basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are concerned about issues to do with bullying.

See Behaviour Policy in ‘Statutory Information’ 

Working in Partnership with Families

We want to work closely with you to help your child to learn and progress.

Pupils (where appropriate), parents/families and staff are asked to sign a ‘home-school agreement’ to show that everyone agrees to work together to support your child at school.

As a parent/carer, we ask that you aim to:

  • make sure that your child comes to school regularly, on time, and is appropriately dressed and fed;
  • inform school if your child is ill or absent for any reason;
  • let the school know about any concerns or problems;
  • attend clinics, parent’s evenings, reviews and meetings about your child;
  • keep the school informed about personal information;
  • get to know about your child’s life at school;
  • value and support the work of the school and the successes of your child;
  • work with your child to complete work at home as requested by school.  

The staff at the Beckfoot Phoenix will aim to :

  • ensure your child’s safety and happiness;
  • ensure that your child achieves their full potential;
  • meet your child’s needs through the curriculum we provide and help them to develop the skills needed for ‘life’;
  • keep you informed about general school matters and about your child’s progress and achievements;
  • be open and welcoming;
  • offer opportunities for you to meet with other parents and to become involved in school life.

Parent/Family Support

See ‘Family Support’ tab in Parent Section 

Charging and remissions 

See charging and remissions policy on website: statutory information/policies/charging and remissions.

Friends of Beckfoot Phoenix

This is a group of parents and friends of the School who have regular meetings and work tirelessly to raise money for the school.  As a result of their work, the school has a sensory room, lights and music in the pool and an outdoor tyre park. 

Please contact Jason Patefield for more information on how to get involved.

Home-School Contact

We use 'Class Dojo' to send messages, photos and updates.  Please talk to the school office about how to access this on your phone, tablet or computer. If you are unable to access this app, we still want to keep in touch with you.  Please make an appointment to talk to us about this. 

Home to School Transport

If your child is entitled to Transport to and from school, it is arranged by the local authority education department. Please contact them directly with any questions/concerns.

Tel: 01274 438889 PTS Minibus for children 01274 436692 PTS Home to School taxi

Health and Safety

At Beckfoot Phoenix we are committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our pupils and staff. All our activities are risk assessed.  Where necessary, pupils have individual risk assessments.  Health and Safety actions in the school are documented and overseen by the Trust's Compliance Department. 

Through our curriculum, we teach our pupils about safety.  See curriculum section 

Smoking cigarettes or E cigarettes  is not permitted on any part of our school site.

Keeping Children Safe 

At Beckfoot Phoenix we take our children’s safety extremely seriously. All our staff and volunteers are enhanced DBS checked and trained in safeguarding and child protection procedures. All new staff and volunteers receive induction on their arrival to school.  Visitors who are not DBS checked are always escorted in school and wear a yellow ‘Supervised Visitor’ lanyard.

See section on ‘Keeping Children Safe’ in ‘Statutory Information 

The Named Person in school with responsibility for child protection and safeguarding is Sarah Lloyd.  


Complaints and Compliments

We like to hear what you have to say about us – good or bad – as this helps us to make changes and improve.  There is a yellow box as you enter school for any comments you would like to make.  We want you to feel comfortable in approaching the school with concerns.  By talking your concern through with the class teacher or senior leadership team, many issues can be resolved.  If you feel that you need to use the complaints policy, it can be found under ‘Policies’ in ‘Statutory Information’.  If needed, our procedure on making complaints is available in paper format on request – please ask any member of staff.