Welcome back

9th September 2020
Hi Everybody – Happy New School Year! – and what a start to the year we have had!

We've had the bubble that opened ... and then closed before children had even come in! We’ve had no phone lines or internet for part of the week, and then we had a company making our uniform in the wrong colour!

But we also had our great staff team all excited ready to welcome your lovely children back! We couldn’t wait!

As soon as your children walked through the door, it was obvious that you've all been feeding them well whilst they've been off .................. we couldn't believe how much they've all grown! - They were superstars before they left, and now they're even bigger superstars!

And once they came into school, it was as if they had never been away. You've all done a great job with home learning during the lock down, and we were so impressed with how much your children had remembered and learnt whilst at home - thank you. You have all been amazing.

Children were excited as well, especially those in blue base, purple base and green base when they saw that a new playground had been built outside their classroom over the summer! We have tried so hard over the years to fund raise for our grounds – but it is only with thanks to our Trust, the Beckfoot Trust, who gave us £90, 000 towards the cost, that we were able to get these done. We cannot thank them enough, and having these new playgrounds has given us a new motivation to try and raise more money so we can have new ones in yellow base and red base too. If you have any ideas of how to raise another £80, 000, please let Jason know.

This week, it has been great to have the majority of children back at school for some of the week.

We have also had our new children start with us. It has been lovely to see them all – they have been wonderful. Thank you so much for choosing Beckfoot Phoenix for your child and for giving us the privilege of sharing your child's learning journey with us - we cannot wait to get to know you all.

We still however, have some children staying at home and starting home learning from Monday. We miss you – but we know that your doctors have said that you are safer at home for the moment – we will see you soon.

Thank you everyone, for your patience this week. This week has been brilliant to have had the time to put everything in place to keep everybody safe.

Thank you for following our guidelines – keeping your distance, wearing a mask and staggering your drop off and pick up times.

Next week, all the children will be coming into school so please continue to do what you have been doing this week:
arriving at the right times – 8. 50 and 9. 10 with no parent drop offs between 8.58 and 9. 10;
picking up at the right times: 2.50 – 2.58 and 3. 10 with no parent pick-ups between 2. 58 and 3. 10.

This is going to be a great year ........ different but still great!

If you have any questions or feedback about what we are doing, please let me know by messaging me privately.

Have a lovely weekend - See you on Monday.

Rachel and the staff team :)