What People Say about our School ....

I love coming here, the children always seem to be happy and enjoying themselves - Visitor - September 2019
Children are so polite - one has just held the door open for me - Parent - October 2019. 
L .... absolutely loves Phoenix.  She comes home every day eager to tell me what she's done.  The school is fantastic.  Thank you - New parent - September 2019
Phoenix is an amazing school.  I haven't met a teacher yet who isn't nice and understanding and knows my child.  any concerns I have, you always listen and help.  I'm proud that my children are part of Phoenix, and I definitely made the right choice in choosing Phoenix for T.   Parent - September 2019
S has settled in very well.  The staff have been amazing and supportive with her.  Staff are easily approachable and able to support us as a family as well as S.  She absolutely loves school and is having a much better learning experience within Phoenix.  I am so pleased she is at Phoenix and I can see she will continue to thrive with your school's support and the multi agencies that will be going on with her.  She would previously spend half a day at school with a one to one learning nothing and being very disruptive and upset and now schools is very different. Thank you so much.  New Parent - September 2019. 
J was happy to return to school after the holidays and has settled in with the new staff and peers very well.  The teacher is great and 'on the ball'.  She seems to have a good team around her with established staff and some new enthusiastic members.  Everyone is welcoming and friendly and very organised.  The class is clearly organised and focused.  We are looking forward to working together this year.  Parent of child returning after Summer holiday - September 2019. 
E loves red base.  He can't wait to get on transport in a morning.  He tries to run!  Communication from teachers is excellent and I'm regularly updated on his progress.  Absolutely nothing could have been done better.  Parent of child moved class after holiday - September 2019. 
A has carried on as normal in yellow base.  No obvious signs of unhappiness, (toileting accidents or not sleeping).  There is such a sense of all staff knowing all the children and vice versa, in school that I didn't think there would be any issues!  So all good.  Thanks.   Parent of child who moved to new class - September 2019. 
The curriculum is amazing.  I wish more schools would do this - Educational Psychologist December 2019
External school review May 2019: 
The school continues to offer a very good experience for the pupils and helps them to be well prepared for the next stage in their education.  This is the result of the further development of the innovative curriculum which is helping pupils to become more independent and to communicate effectively.  
Great care is taken to make sure that the needs of each and every pupil are met. 
Reading is taught well.  Comprehension is also an important emphasis.  
The quality of pupils' work is good.  
Expectations are high and pupils respond by behaving well. 
Pastoral support is of the very highest quality and pupils are nurtured in every way.  
Pupils are as well prepared as they possibly can be for the next stage in their education and development. 
The promotion of equality and diversity is central to everything the school does.