Welcome to our website.  We hope you will see that in our very special School, the pupils come first! 

Beckfoot Phoenix is all about the children! 

  •   Keeping them safe. 
  •  Valuing them and giving them a voice. 
  •  Enabling them all to Enjoy, Learn, Succeed.
By working in partnership with families and professionals and by being accountable to the Beckfoot Trust, we are confident that Beckfoot Phoenix is a place where families feel supported, where children are accepted and where the progress made by pupils prepares them well for the next phase of their life.

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For more information, please contact our school office and speak to Georgina, Ella or Jason.

World Book Day 2019
We had a wonderful World Book Day at Beckfoot Phoenix! Both children and staff loved dressing up as characters from their favourite books. In the afternoon the children enjoyed stories read to them by the White Rabbit (Jason), a crocodile (Rachel), an owl (Robert), Cruella DeVille (Ella) and one of the dalmations (Jessica). A big thank you to all the parents who sent their children dressed up, we appreciate the effort this takes.  

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