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Rachel Stirland

Posted 6th March 2020

6 March Update


This week in school we've had 8 'Where's Wallys', 7 Harry Potters, 1 Super Mario and his friend Luigi, 3 crocodiles, 2 police officers, 10 princesses, 1 surgeon, 1 BFG, 1 Horrid Henry (thank goodness only 1!) 2 Buzz Light Years! and many more wonderful costumes as part of our World Book day celebration on Wednesday.

Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to dress your child in a costume - the children LOVED it! and I think the staff did as well! - but they might not admit it!

This week, we have also been monitoring children and families arriving in a morning. As you will be aware if you bring your child to school, the reception in a morning is very overcrowded, which means that some children are not getting a good start to their day.

Can I please remind you that school arrival time is between 9 and 9. 15.

It has been suggested that we leave the doors locked in a morning until school opens at 9 - as other schools do - so that our reception area is clear for visitors and Merlin Top. It works well at the end of the day, and this may be the next step.

However, we don't really want to do this, as we want to be available if families need reception. So, for now, we would be grateful if you would arrive in school between 9 and 9. 15 - and not before. Please wait in your cars, or set off later so you arrive later rather than coming into school before 9. Thank you. Any problems, come and have a chat.

Just a reminder that parent afternoons are the week beginning the 16th March. If you haven't heard which afternoon your class are doing, please get in touch with the teacher.

Have a great weekend - hopefully the sun is going to shine ... at last!
Rachel :)

Rachel Stirland

Posted 7th February 2020

7 February Update

Dear All

Safe Week has been a great hit with everyone!

We've had firemen and fire women, police men and police ladies. We've had children learning to cross roads as well as children learning to walk on the pavement and not go on the road! We've had the NSPCC in talking to us, and done lots of things in classes like painting with fire-red spaghetti, learning how to call 999, as well as the older classes learning about cigarettes and drugs!

The children seem to have really enjoyed it - we've definitely packed it in!

We work really hard to keep children safe, and it is great that in the parent survey, the vast majority of you agree. 2 of you said that your child does not feel safe at school - if you come and have a chat, we can see what we can do to help.

Next week we have our showcase assembly on Wednesday at 1. 45. If you want to see what we've been doing this week, it would be lovely to see you. Please reserve your free ticket using the message from Jason below.

We break up on Friday 14th for half term.

Have a lovely weekend
Rachel :)

Rachel Stirland

Posted 31st January 2020

31 January Update

Dear All

Wow - what a week this has been! This week, we put the proverbial cat well and truly amongst the attendance pigeon - and we had fur and feathers flying everywhere! But ... this is what’s great about our school - everybody has a voice - from the parents who want their child's attendance celebrated to the parents who feel that it’s not fair on some of our more poorly children, to the child who argued that his medal wasn’t the right colour because he comes to school more than that, to another child who said it’s not fair because ‘it's my mum who tells me when to stay at home!’
We don’t always get it right but we do always try to listen.

Some really good news is that after our shaky start, we ended up finishing top of the Trust for the number of parent survey returns with over 75%! Thank you so much. You are truly amazing, and so were the results, - 98% of parents said that their child is happy in school. 100% would recommend Phoenix to another parent.

Surveys are not just about the good, but also about learning about where we could improve further. It would be great to hear from the parent or parents of whose child is unhappy so that we can talk together to see what we can do to help.

I will send more survey results next week.

A reminder that next week is our 'Safe me' week and we have our showcase assembly at 1. 45 on Tuesday 11th Feb.
Half term break up is Friday 14th February.

Have a great weekend

Rachel Stirland

Posted 24th January 2020

24th January 2020


This week, we have had Chinese New Year week. You may have noticed the fabulous lanterns we had up through school. We also had 'year of the rat' biscuits, and lucky red envelopes with chocolate money in. Thank you for everyone who sent their child in red on Wednesday. As you can see from the photos in our gallery, we had a workshop to make shakers, drums, dragons and hats, and then we had a great Chinese New Year parade that walked round the school, led by the dragon (a Chinese dragon - not me!). Children shook their shakers, wore their Chinese hats and danced along to the Chinese music that was played over the tanoy!

This week, we have also celebrated Mental Health week with the staff. This has been a Trust wide initiative and one that has been well received by staff. All week staff have had the opportunity to go to other schools in the Trust for exercise classes - yoga, pilates, boxercise and lots more. And we've celebrated at school by wearing yellow on Monday, having smoothies on Tuesday, eating cake and fruit on Wednesday, having chocolate and info about mental health websites and initiatives on Thursday - and on Friday - no food! but staff were given a 'voucher' so that they could have an early night at some point in the future when they need it. It has been a really good week, especially for bringing mental health into the open - which is always a good thing! If anyone would like to know more, please let us know.
Enjoy your weekend
Rachel :) 
Rachel Stirland

Posted 17th January 2020

17 January Update

Hi everybody 

In our staff briefing this morning we heard how well children are doing in lessons. Staff told us about children talking who never used to talk and others who are now signing who never used to sign. Wow - great achievements.  Your children are doing so well! This is also what David Horn, the CEO from the Trust said when he came into school this week.  

What’s coming up in school? 

On Tuesday, the nursing team are telling us about healthy eating

3rd Feb is the start of our Safe Me week when we will be learning about keeping safe. We have lots of different exciting activities planned including visits from the emergency services! 

It would be brilliant if you could come to our Safe Me Showcase Assembly on Wednesday 12th February at 1.45. Come and see what your child has been doing - you’ll love it!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

See you on Monday. 

Rachel Stirland

Posted 10th January 2020

10 January Update

Happy New Year!

We were so happy to see the children arrive in school on Monday - and all but one seemed glad to be here!

When I asked in assembly if each child had had a nice holiday - all of them said yes apart from Oliver who said ‘Rachel - I haven’t had a nice Christmas! When I asked him why - he said proudly - 'I didn’t have a nice Christmas because I missed school!’ - awwww!

In assembly, we also introduced a new idea into school - ‘Junior Leaders’. Junior leaders can be anyone who is doing a job in school or is helping others. The criteria is that whilst they are doing their job, they have to be sensible, helpful and kind, and if they can do this, they can wear our special Junior Leader jacket! They were also told that when they were Junior Leaders, they were VERY important! In assembly they rose to the challenge - Junior Leaders gave things out, helped others and tidied up! Some managed to be sensible, helpful and kind for a short while before they couldn’t keep it up and had to resign from the post! For others, the special jackets transformed them into helpful angels! - watch this space!

This week we welcome 2 new friends into Blue Base - Lucas and Lucas! As well as Max and Sam into Orange Base. It is lovely that they’ve chosen Phoenix and I am pleased to say that they are already starting to settle in which is brilliant. We also welcome 2 new staff into Purple Base - Halima and Megan. They have also had a great week - it’s as if they’ve always been with us!

Enjoy the weekend

Rachel :)