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Watching our tadpoles grow

Blue Base champions

Welcome to frog log! Click the grey boxes below to see what's happening!

Post 1

Blue Base champions, 

Something exciting is happening on my frog log today! Can you see what has happened?

Our frog spawn eggs are hatching and we now have some baby tadpoles.

Can you tell your grown up helper how they have changed?
Can you tell your grown up helper how they move?

I will be updating the frog log every few days, so keep your eyes on class dojo for exciting developments.




Post 2

Good Morning Blue Base champions, I hope you are all enjoying your break from school. I am updating my frog log this morning to show you that our tadpoles are growing bigger.

This weekend I had to clean out the pond and add more pond weed to help the tadpoles breath under water. The tadpoles are very happy swimming together with their friends. They like to move in small groups and can swim really fast now.

I think we need to name our tadpoles, can you think of any names?

I would like you to draw a picture of a tadpole and write their name for me. Don't forget to add a photo to your portfolio, I look forward to seeing them.



Post 3

Good morning Blue Base, here is another frog log update for you all. Our tadpoles are growing bigger and swimming even quicker. They like to eat the pond weed and have now started to eat some tiny worms. This will help them to grow and change into froglets.

Today I thought you may like to share a story with your grown up helper. It's the story of the 'The Teeny Weeny Tadpole, I have included the link below. Should the link not work the story can be found on YouTube. Have a lovely day Blue Base.


Post 4

Hi Blue Base champions, I hope everyone is well. We are looking forward to seeing all our friends in school soon!

I thought I would update our frog log as I have had to make changes to our pond. I have cleaned out the water for the tadpoles and added some rocks for when our tadpoles change into froglets. The tadpoles will get bigger and grow legs as they change into froglets and they will need to climb onto the rocks, out of the water to breathe air like us!

Can you remember how our tadpoles started out when we first met them in class?

Can you tell your grown up helper what happened next?


I've added a Cbeebies song (link below) by Andy called the 'Frog Hopping Rap'. This will help you to look at the journey of change our tadpoles have been on, I hope you enjoy it.

Frog Hopping Rap

We have froglets!

Something exciting is happening down at the pond! We have froglets. Our tiny tadpoles have grown and changed so much over the last few weeks. They now have 2 back legs to help them to swim. I have a link below to take you to watch a video so you can look at how they change over time from a tiny egg to a frog.

frog 1 frog 3 frog2

Something exciting was spotted in our pond this weekend!

We are now the owners of a baby frog. He crawled out of the pond and sat out on the rock, to breathe in some air.

Can you see how our tiny tadpole has changed and now has legs?
How many legs can you count?
Can you tell your grown up helper how he has changed?
Can you draw a picture and write a sentence to describe what has happened?
I can not believe how much our tiny tadpoles have grown and changed, it's so exciting!
thumbnail_IMG-20210502-WA0004 IMG-20210502-WA0005