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Rachel Stirland

Posted 7th May 2021

7th May 2021


Today our friend Lenny came to visit us again.

He played out with green base, went for a walk with purple base and tried to eat the toys in Orange base! He even sat through some of Elliot’s phonics lesson - he has been a star pupil!

As Ramadan continues, we are busy making preparations to celebrate Eid on the 19th May. This is the day that we will be decorating the school and doing lots of different activities, trying different food and having Eid parties in class. It would be lovely if children could come in brightly coloured clothes on this day so that we can all celebrate Eid together. Make sure you put it in your diaries!

Have a lovely weekend. See you all on Monday👍

Rachel 😀


Rachel Stirland

Posted 30th April 2021

30th April 2021


This week in our zoom assembly, we talked about who were our superhero friends in school. We wrapped up 2 members of staff from head to toe so that their identity was a surprise, and then unwrapped them - to the delight of the children - to find Tracy, our care team lead, and Robert, our caretaker, both with superhero capes on. The children loved it!

Each class then had to say who was a superhero friend in their class. We had Umar in Orange base, Kyle and Katie in Purple base, Cameron and Georgiana in Red base, Kulsuma and Leo in Yellow base, Maison, Sam and Lucas in Blue base and Matthew and Isaac in Green base. It was lovely to see our superhero friends, each with a superhero cape on, standing in front of their class webcam for all of us to see, with staff telling us that they had been chosen because they were kind, helpful and lots more besides. It was also brilliant to see Isaac adding a long flowing red wig to his superhero outfit!

Your children really are a credit to you, and I know that these were the ones chosen on Wednesday, but every child in our school deserves to wear the superhero friend cape.

Thank you so much for your support in coming back to school and for working with us to get the best out of your children.

Remember that this weekend is a bank holiday weekend - so no school on Monday, so see you all on Tuesday.

Enjoy the weekend
Rachel :)

Rachel Stirland

Posted 26th April 2021

23rd April 2021


We have had so much fun in school this week. There is so much happening - we're growing flowers in purple base, splashing in water in red base, playing rugby in green base and everyone has enjoyed being outside.

This week, we have also had animals in school. In Blue base, we have been watching tadpoles growing into frogs, and in assembly this week, we had Sarah's dog visiting us as our special friend. Lenny Lloyd was amazing - so lovely with the children, so happy to be here, and so well behaved. In fact, we're thinking of putting him on the payroll! The children thought he was so brilliant, that we are asking the Trust if we can adopt him as our school dog! So watch this space!

On Monday the Children's Commissioner, launched the ‘Big Ask’ survey that has been created to give young people a chance to have their say on the things that matter to them or for parents to speak on their behalf.

The Big Ask is for children and young people aged 4–17 in England. If you would like your child to have a voice in this survey, please complete the survey using the link below.

The Big Ask | Children's Commissioner for EnglandChildren's Commissioner for England (

One last thing to tell you .... according to one of our lovely children who has returned from lockdown all grown up, I am now officially 'old'! I thought I was hiding it well - but since he tells me every day 'you're old' - I'm starting to believe it! If any of you would like to know what he thinks of you, just get in touch, and we'll ask him! - according to him, no-one is older than me, so I think you'll be okay!

Have a lovely weekend.
See you all on Monday
Rachel :)

Rachel Stirland

Posted 16th April 2021

16th April 2021


At last .... we are all back! We are all still in our bubbles, but it has been amazing to see children who we haven't seen for the last 12 months come back to school with confidence. It is also amazing to see how much they have grown! Apart from their change in size, it's as if they have never been away!

So life is getting back to normal at Phoenix.

Although we haven't yet got everyone walking round the corridors, it is lovely to hear and see everything that is going on in the classes.

And it is comforting that some things haven't changed, like a child shouting at me - 'see you smelly' as they left for home tonight, or another wanting to come and play in my office.

So - all is becoming well in the Beckfoot Phoenix world!

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sun.

See you all on Monday
Rachel :)